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Since yesterday evening, I have been flipping through the bloated thomas of Polish dictionaries to find a set of missing adjectives that I would like to use in the description of the event. I have already listed quite a few of them, and I still haven’t found one that would fully reflect both the atmosphere of yesterday’s concert and – above all – the extraordinary artistic quality of the music and the level of “artistic production” presented by the Tomasz Kudyk New Bone quintet {Tomasz Kudyk (tp), Bartłomiej Prucnal (sax), Dominik Wania (p), Maciej Adamczak (db), Patryk Dobosz (dr)}. And if it wasn’t for the graying hair that is tempting to the temples, I would prefer to reach for the youth’s “zaj..iście”, because this adjective hides this emotion, the explosion of which we experienced yesterday, and whose giant echo still covers the club walls, like a beautiful memory that is not thrown away from memory.

Excellent compositions of Jerzy Chruściński (associated with the Witkacy Theater in Zakopane since its inception, honored in 2008 by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage with the Silver Badge “Distinguished for Polish Culture”), Henryk Wars and Bronisław Kaper in sensational arrangements by Bartłomiej Prucnal, Dominik Wania, Tomasz Kudyka and Joachim Mencla filled the repertoire of yesterday evening, and the brilliant unison of brass instruments and incomparable solo performances by outstanding instrumentalists confirmed the position of this incredible ensemble at the tops of the modern European jazz scene. Skillfully built tension constructing the model drama of the concert is one of the next talents of the group leader, an outstanding trumpeter delighting with the pure sound of his instrument, Tomasz Kudyk. The first three compositions starting the concert slowly build up the intensity of the message, putting the listener in a state of increased attention to explode with the song “Sex Appeal” with the solo by Dominik Wanii so concentrated and unusual that only her attempt to understand and describe could be based more than one doctoral thesis. If Dominik Wania lived in a slightly different time, then after such a display he would be inevitably accused of contacts with the devil, because – in fact – how else to explain his mastery and virtuosity, which goes far beyond the possibilities specified by the adjective “human”. Fortunately, hic et nunc lives, and we can sometimes be honored by the power of this completely incredible pianism. The second set is only filled with explosives with a wide field of destruction, and subsequent soloists perform ruthless judgments on the audience justified by their artistry, to look triumphantly at the wonderful concerts left behind. We have been defeated completely and finally. And it gave us almost masochistic pleasure. Among the happy victims of yesterday’s ruthless attack of beauty, we noticed with real satisfaction Łukasz Żyta, Maciej Obara and Max Mucha, as well as Krzysztof Szmańda, Kamil Piotrowicz and Jakub Wiecka already preparing for today’s concert.
Thank you, gentlemen from New Bone! It was a great evening filled with great jazz! We must repeat it!